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Never Give Up
This wisdom of nature was photographed at the rim of Bryce Canyon in Southern Utah, USA in August, 2003. It gives one the sense of abandonment as the weather wears away the colorful sandstone and allows the roots of the tree to be exposed.
On the other hand, one realizes the strength within the bare roots of this tree, still nourishing life to every leaf. As a result, the image and words of this poem are no accident. God has used this picture and poem in His Almighty plan for mankind's healing purpose.

We go through all the trials and troubles of this life here on Earth.
Sometimes we may have to “give in,"
but we should “NEVER GIVE UP!”

"Never Give Up" won the Editor’s Choice Award in December 2006 from The International Society of Photographers. In addition, it was published in their book, Distant Visions.
 Photograph taken with a Canon, Power Shot G2, 4.0 Mega Pixel Camera along the rim of Bryce Canyon in Southern Utah, USA - August, 2003.
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